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Our free service takes just 2 minutes and gets quotes from the best insurers straight to you for you to choose which one suits your needs the best – after all you know what’s best for your yacht.

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We know the intrinsic requirements of sailing yacht insurance, and have partnered with the best insurers in the industry to provide you direct access to their policies. Let us make this process easier for you by completing our quick and easy quote request form.

Personal Accident Cover

Whether you are sailing on your own yacht, sailing with friends, or racing at regattas, make sure you’ve asked us for a personal accident insurance quote to cover you whilst you are away or for the entire year.

Racing Yacht Insurance

We know how hard it is to find the right insurance for your pedigree or custom race yacht. Let us do the hard work, and get you quotes from our established and exclusive markets to suit your requirements.

Motor Yacht Insurance

Our goal is to make the process of getting Yacht Insurance as quick as possible, so you can focus on what is important, being on the sea!

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Discover how to get the very best Boat insurance with Compare yacht Insurance. We do the hard work for you, gathering the best quotes from the top insurers and delivering them straight to your inbox, for free. 

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Specialists in finding the perfect yacht or boat insurance for you

You’re about to get the best quotes from Compare Yacht Insurance. We offer the best independent insurance quotes for your yacht. It can be a tricky business so we’re here to make it easy. We do that hard work for you and deliver the no obligation quotes straight to your inbox, for free.

Compare Yacht Insurance are ideally placed in the market to refer your details to a large panel of Insurers. Our trusted relationship with our panel of insurers means that you have access to the best yacht and boat insurance policies for the best price. We’d hate to see you having to approach each and every insurer directly and repeat your details time and time again, therefore our quick and easy quote form collects your details in a single easy way, and sends it out to all of our insurers. The best bit is that it is completely free of charge for you to use.

We know how important your pride and joy is to you. Unlike car insurance, which is a mandatory insurance product, you will without doubt be looking at buying the best level of cover for a price that you can agree is fair and reasonable. It is for that reason that buying yacht insurance is no light hearted matter.

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Why Choose Compare Yacht Insurance for your Yacht Insurance?

No matter which boat insurance policy you buy, their terms and conditions will vary significantly compared to the other yacht insurance products available on the market. For that reason it is imperative that you have a look through all the quotations and decide which boat insurance policy suits you best.

There’s no time to waste, start getting your quick and free yacht insurance quotes today. You will be sure to know that your information is securely sent directly to the main UK insurers that we are working in conjunction with, and they will be sure to get back to you with their quotations. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can navigate your way through the “About Us – Contact Us” section to get in touch.

Want to learn more about Yacht Insurance?

Interested in delving deeper into the world of yacht insurance? You’re in the right place! Our dedicated Yacht Insurance page offers a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the intricacies of yacht insurance.

We cover everything from policy types and coverage options to industry insights and expert tips. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time yacht owner, this is your go-to resource for gaining a deeper understanding of how to protect your investment on the water. Click below to explore the full range of topics and get the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about yacht insurance

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What is yacht insurance?

Your fully comprehensive yacht insurance policy covers you for any losses that you sustain to your vessel (dubbed by insurers as Hull and Machinery coverage) and any legal liabilities that you may have to a third party, that have arisen out of your ownership of the vessel (dubbed liability or P&I Insurance). In certain cases, you may decide that you don’t need Hull and Machinery coverage, and may opt for liability only coverage.

How long is a policy period?

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, 99% of yacht insurance policies cover a 12 month period. If you take out insurance today, then it will expire at the same time and day next year

How much does yacht insurance cost?

The cost of yacht insurance depends firstly on the value that you want to insure. Insurers often give you a percentage of the hull sum insured to start off with. You will then have additions and deductions based on where you are using your yacht, for what purpose (racing, charter, deep sea fishing, etc.), what your level of experience is an amongst many other factors whether or not you’ve had any claims.

Yacht News

Have a read our latest articles where we look to provide tips on looking after your yacht, news that effects the industry and of course ways to get the best yacht insurance policies.

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Boat Insurance

Are you still unsure how Boat insurance works and what is needed to get the best policy? Don’t worry, visit our boat insurance page to learn everything you need to know.

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Yacht Insurance

View our yacht inurance page to discover tips on premiums, the factors that will dictate your yacht insurance policy and how to protect against third parties.

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