set to revolutionise marine insurance industry set to revolutionise marine insurance industry

Everyone knows that insuring a car or a property is a reasonably straightforward process – you pick the most appealing from the list the helpful little meerkat instantly generates for you, and don’t give it much more of a thought.

But if you’re a yacht owner, insurance is a minefield. No two contracts are the same. Some will favour old boats over new ones, others will be the opposite. Some allow racing, solo sailing and channel crossings while some don’t.

Differing rules around amendment fees and cancellation refunds, and varying levels of customer service, make an already-hard job even tougher.

Until now.

Marine entrepreneur Bryan Davies has launched, the first service that provides yacht owners with a one-stop shop for all their insurance needs.

“Ultimately, not all yacht insurance is created equal,” Davies explained. “The most important thing is to insure your pride and joy exactly how you want to, and eliminate any surprises by evaluating a variety of policies.”

“What better way of doing so than by picking the policy that suits you the most. Price is very important too, however once you have found a policy that suits your needs you can look at the price and decide whether it’s worth it. That is where comes into play.”

Rather than driving premiums down by stripping policies of their cover, allows yacht owners to tailor them to meet their specific needs – a first in online yacht insurance buying in the UK.

“Using our service has no bearing on any additional costs that the yacht owner may have in buying insurance,” Davies added.

“By spending as little as two minutes on our website, the yacht owner can submit all their details and receive a no obligation quote from the insurance companies. There has never been an easier “click click enter” quote request program.”

“This takes the hassle out of having to call up every insurer and giving their details over and over again. Essentially, it is a one-stop solution that saves the yacht owner time and ensures you have the product that suits their needs and demands the most.”


Credit: Will Carson (Journalist)