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Are you making the most out of your charter?

As a charter yacht operator, for either a fleet or your own yacht, you’ll know all too well about the chills running down your spine when you hand over the keys to your boat. There is no amount of security deposit or promises that the charter party can make in order...

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Racing Yacht Insurance… what’s the best course?

It’s time to throw out a stereotype that many insurers and most yacht owners will believe to be true. Racing Yachts attract higher premiums because they are more likely to have an expensive claim… or at least an educated guess would assume right? The truth is, there...

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Hurricane dilemmas… what’s your take on it?

    With the official start of the hurricane season being less than a week away, the memories of the aftermath of last years hurricanes leave a raw emotion in most of the Caribbean’s yacht owner’s hearts. Too many yacht owners had seen their pride and joy devastated...

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A helpful insight into yacht and boat insurance

We know that there is far too much choice on the market when it comes to ensuring something as special as your yacht - after all; every yacht is different. Derri Dunn from GoCompare has a thorough insight into what to look out for. Boat insurance is likely to be...

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