Here’s the top provisions we have hand-picked to make our top 10 list of making yachting more enjoyable for you, your family and friends.

We’ll start with the obvious one, your wine and drinks accessories. There’s seldom worse circumstances when you’ve gotten to your overnight anchorage and you’ve pulled the bottle of red wine out of your provisions bag go along with your array of cheese and chutneys, to realise you haven’t got a corkscrew. A swim to shore is not an option so your left with finding a fellow boater to ask for a helping hand. Not a scenario we want to have to go through, so we recommend getting a corkscrew in your chart table for all eventualities.

Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce. A stable in every chef’s larder, however a rarity on most yachts. Having both of these at your disposal can turn any bland onboard meal into a flavour filled masterpiece (no promises on that though). Succulent fried breakfasts, an extra kick to your pasta meal or combined together with your tomato juice and vodka for that Bloody Mary to kick start your morning.

Water, as obvious as it sounds. No matter the type of yachting you do, water will always be as essential to your trip as it is difficult to get onboard and store safely. We’ve seen it all from small 700mm plastic water bottles stored in aft cabins right the way through dedicated fresh drinking water systems built into the yacht. When it comes to our environmental ethos, we are advocates for not wasting single use plastics, and have found a happy medium with large water containers and either manual or battery operated pumps to fill up your cups or reusable water bottles.

Toilet Roll, wet wipes and kitchen roll. Three fundamentals to a clean life on board, often running low, frequently not stored effectively but always a friendly sight when in need of wiping up that spill or needing to use the facilities. Disposal might not be the easiest, as most blackwater tanks on board shouldn’t have any of these items disposed in there, so perhaps a bin in each of your toilets will be a welcomed addition when it comes to next cleaning out your black water tanks.


Spare navigational lights. As unorthodox as our last top 10 item is, it can be the most important. Only very few yacht owners have these spare lights on board which are seldom found in chandleries and often require an online treasure hunt instead. They work very similar to bike lights in so much as they can be clipped on and are operated by batteries. If your yacht’s own navigational lights fail because of blown bulbs, electrical outages or simply having been physically damaged or removed, then these lights can salvage a bad situation and provide you and your crew with some much needed peace of mind.

Foghorns and Radar Reflectors. These aren’t the most conventionally used pieces of equipment, but when you need them you’ll be very thankful for having invested in them on board. Needless to say that weather can turn from good to bad quickly, and even fog rolling in at the end of a calm day in the bay can put you at risk. Best protect yourself with radar reflectors and foghorns to let others know you are when they can’t see you. To stay in theme with our yacht insurance offering, they will also help you avoid a claim on your yacht or boat insurance policy.

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