As per standard, if you are leaving the country your boat is registered in you should ensure that your paperwork is in order for customs abroad. As well as customs, being prepared will really help you if any unforeseen issues arise. The RYA has worked hard to keep the effect of Brexit on sailing and cruising to a minimum. One of the key messages is to ensure you have all your ships papers in order. Even if you are hopping over the channel for the weekend, you could get caught out and should ensure you have everything to hand.

Of course you should always have on board;

· Registration Documents

· Ship Radio Licence

· Insurance Documents

· Skipper and Crew’s passports

· Crew’s evidence of competence (required by some countries). Since Brexit however it is important to carry a few more documents.

If you are leaving the country.
The key documents that have been recommended by the RYA to have on board post brexit include;

· Bills of sale or documents that confirm who the owner is, how long they have been the owner and where and when VAT was paid on the boat.

· Customs documentation that had been issued to you, or copies of documents that were submitted (i.e. C1331 for UK arrival or departure)

· An up to date logbook confirming you boats locations

· A berthing receipt/letter from your marina or boat yard confirming your vessel’s location on 31 December 2020 (when the VAT Brexit grace period ended) and also showing your vessel’s location prior to departure.

· A copy of VAT documentation showing that it has been paid when due.

For further information the RYA has set out a very thorough document regarding entry and exit formalities. Make sure you are in the know –

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